How To Start A Blog In 2020

Start A Blog In 2020

Welcome my fellow blogger, so you have decided to blog. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about blogging even when I started I too didn’t know how to develop a website and write content.

I have heard some jargons like “Hosting”, “Domain”, “DNS”, “Server”, “.com”, “.net” and etc.

After going through a video of Harsh Agarwal in youtube I believed in me that even without web development skills we can start a blog and make it successful

By the way let me introduce Harsh for those who are new to the blogging community.

Harsh Agarwal is the face of which was restarted when he was in bed ridden condition after a major accident happened in his life and that is way back in 2009. From there is no look back for Harsh. 

Harsh’s monthly income estimates to $40000+ 

And Harsh if you happen to see this post I humbly thank you for being an inspirational blogger for me and other fellow bloggers to blog their interests.

In this guide we’ll show you how to begin your own blog step by step within 30 minutes.

With the right tools and proper help anybody can grow a blog from scratch in 2020 and monetise your blog to earn money out of it.

PS: Blogging suits for those who are shy to show their face in front of the camera in comparison to the vlogger

Table of Contents

Find your interest and decide your niche

First things first, blogging actually requires additional piece of interest. To find your niche, the most practical way is

Take a notepad and a pen

List down your interests and the things which you do in your spare time and also on the topic you must have little bit of knowledge and a lot of passion to blog on it.

Passion will be the driving force for any first time blogger. Though by seeing the money any fellow blogger makes you would have jumped but the real passion to blog will actually make you successful when you create a content that turns out to be a viral content.

Take that extra mile and decide on the niche.

Choose a Domain Name and Hosting

The initial step to beginning a lucrative blog is to pick a domain name that is easy to recollect and related to your niche. Your domain name is the primary thing most first time guests see when they visit your blog.

Not just it gives a decent first-time impression however it additionally impacts SEO, deals, changes, etc.


You can use a tool to find the availability of domain name and the usernames of various social media.

A decent domain name characterizes your image so make a point to invest quality time and money in the domain name that is shorter, simple to recall and simple to articulate. In case you’re intending to begin another blog, we do not explicitly recommend you to go for any particular hosting. We will actually discuss on the pros and cons of each hosting which I have worked with

1) Hostinger – Plans starting at $0.99 per month – (Cheapest of all)

2) Hostgator – Plans starting from $2.75 per month including free domain – (Suited for hosting multiple sites)

3) Bluehost – Plans starting at $2.75 per month including free domain (WordPress recommended hosting company) – (Best after sales support)

4) Dreamhost – Plans stating from $2.59 per month including free domain (WordPress recommended hosting company) 

5) Siteground – Plans starting from $6.99 per month (WordPress recommended hosting company) (SSD’s to load 4x faster with uptime guarantee)

Selecting a perfect theme

Theme selecting is an important aspect of blogging. If you have no idea which theme to pick then may be you can follow to use the same theme as your competitor.

Wait, How to find the theme of my competitor ?

There is an easy tool in the internet to find your competitors.


Enter your competitors domain name and within seconds it will show the theme and plugins used in a wordpress site.

Here even if you don’t like to copy the theme then also its fine to salute your creativity skills

Always use a lightweight theme which helps in loading your website faster 

Keep your plugins minimal

Keep your plugins minimal because the more number of plugins you add to the site slows the loading speed of the website.

Here I list down the must have plugins for any niche 

– Yoast SEO or All in one SEO

– Asset clean up

– Social share

– Email marketing

These are the basics for any website niche

Writing awesome content

Writing an awesome content is always the core success of a blog

The heading of your article should be a SEO friendly title

You should never think about copying content from your competitor site. Google will never rank a website with a copied content

Try to be unique in whatever you are writing

Put in your own words to write down your content

The content must be more than 2500 words. Try to plan your keywords which will be used in the article for keyword 

Keyword planning can be done using 

SEM Rush



Now after selecting the best keywords mix, blend your keywords with content to create an awesome article which will reach the readers

Google’s algorithm is improving day by day 

After writing an article for once it will not rank in google every time

Keep updating the article when there is an relevant update to the information provided in the article

To make it interactive with the readers of your blog write content with questions and space to take the input from your blog readers


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